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December 2, 2021

12 Days of Christmas to a better Lifestyle

By Lisa Jane

That’s what we do here at Sea Breeze Life – help you have a happier, more productive, and better-balanced life!

Using the popular Christmas carol, The Twelve Days of Christmas, where increasingly luxurious gifts are given on each of the twelve days of Christmas (traditionally beginning on Boxing Day and finishing on 6th January), let’s take a look at a variety of ways to keep life fun, inspiring, and mindful.

On the First Day of Christmas, Sea Breeze Life gave to me

A Partridge in a Pear Tree.

The partridge is a small, plump and tasty bird and we all know that pears are a sweet, juicy and delicious fruit.

This is a reminder to eat healthy, balanced meals in small portions. There are a lot of fried and salty snacks and tempting sweet treats around at this time of year. Try to have plenty of fruit and veg, and just a little of the foods you know are bad for you.

Don’t deny yourself treats entirely though – psychologically, that can make you crave them more! Telling yourself you can have them, but you only WANT a tiny portion is a great strategy for coping with temptation.


On the Second Day of Christmas, Sea Breeze Life gave to me

Two Turtledoves

Turtledoves are well-known for their pretty cooing sounds and song. They are also the only long-distance migratory dove in Europe, spending their winter in West Africa before returning to breed in Europe in spring.

These lovebirds prompt us to remember that romance is not dead! Romance is defined as ‘a quality or feeling of mystery, excitement and remoteness from everyday life’.

You probably won’t be winging it to Africa this Christmas but there are ways to bring that feeling of being ‘out of the ordinary’ by mindfully making Christmas special. Celebrate with decorations, gifts and music – make your home warm and welcoming but make your heart even more so. Now that’s romance!

On the Third Day of Christmas, Sea Breeze Life gave to me

Three French Hens

The Three French Hens in this song recall how Henri IV brought peace back to France after religious wars and expressed his wish that even peasants would now be able to cook a chicken every Sunday.

As France headed towards the French Revolution, the French hens became symbols of equality and abundance for all, not just the privileged.

One of the best ways to feel abundant is to GIVE. Give to a charity, give to each other. Not all gifts have a price tag. Think of some of the most precious gifts you can give and receive – love, time, kindness, a hug, a smile, a thank you.

What can you give this Christmas?

On the Fourth Day of Christmas, Sea Breeze Life gave to me

Four Calling Birds

‘Calling birds’ imply a variety of songbirds that sing or warble an attractive pleasant melody.  Take this as your cue to SING!

Research has shown that singing is good for you on many levels. It can help lower stress, boost immunity and lung function, enhance memory, improve mental health, and help you cope with physical and emotional pain.

One of the best things about singing is that you don't have to be good at it to reap the benefits. So put on your favourite Christmas songs and belt out a tune!

On the Fifth Day of Christmas, Sea Breeze Life gave to me

Five Gold Rings

Five circles of gold prompts us to think of five circles of gratitude.

Gratitude is known to increase feelings of happiness, lift your mood, reduce stress, increase resilience, and foster hope for the future. Perfect feeling for Christmas!

Take a little time today to draw five circles on a piece of paper or in your journal. In each circle, write something you are grateful for. Even better, do this every day.

On the Sixth Day of Christmas, Sea Breeze Life gave to me

Six Geese A-laying

Geese are known as being the watchdogs of the bird family and protect their territory and family (including human family for domestic geese) very loudly and bravely.  There is also the fable of the goose that laid the Golden Egg.

Putting these two together gives us a reminder to watch over our nest egg, our financial plans that are in place to protect ourselves and our family.

This time of year (after the bustle of Christmas settles and you get a bit of a break) is the perfect opportunity to review your financial goals and aspirations.


On the Seventh Day of Christmas, Sea Breeze Life gave to me

Seven Swans A-swimming

Swans look gorgeous and denote wealth and power but apparently don’t taste very good, despite starring on the menu of many royal Christmas feasts.

Let’s look at the ‘swimming’ part of this verse – swimming is the perfect mix of relaxation and exercise at this time of year. Whether at the beach or pool, being in water is a great way to cool off while gently working some muscles. Do a few laps or just splash around with the family – it’s so much fun!

On the Eighth Day of Christmas, Sea Breeze Life gave to me

Eight Maids A-milking

At the time this verse was added, milk and milk products were essential ingredients in English cooking. Milk was often given to old folk for their health – but not cow’s milk as it can contribute to phlegm in the body.  ‘Women’s milk’ (yes – breast milk) was a common medicinal ingredient and white wine was known as a ‘wholesome milk’ for the aged.

This prompts us to think what kind of milk is best for our own bodies. We are all different, with different physiology and reactions to different things we ingest. With so many ‘milks’ now, it’s a good time to consider some alternatives – unhomogenised dairy, nut milks, soy milk, rice milk, and oat milk are all readily available.

milk alternatives

On the Ninth Day of Christmas, Sea Breeze Life gave to me

Nine Ladies Dancing

The festive season provides a time and space for dancing (badly or otherwise), so get up, play that funky music and shake a tail feather!

Dancing improves aerobic fitness, muscle tone, muscle strength, endurance, agility, flexibility and coordination – plus it helps you feel JOY!

There are many types of dance, so something to suit everyone. From pole-dancing to ballet to rock ‘n’ roll, get on your feet and cut a rug!

On the Tenth Day of Christmas, Sea Breeze Life gave to me

Ten Lords A-leaping

The leaps of the Lords in the song refer to their manoeuvres towards achieving ‘dramatic upward social mobility’ that is, gaining land, wealth and social standing. This was often achieved by making an advantageous marriage, or through alliance with royalty or the Church.

These days making social and business connections is known as networking. Don’t forget to send a Christmas card or thank you note to anyone who has referred business to you, advocated on your behalf or helped you out in some way. A simple act of gratitude goes a long way in building good relationships.

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas, Sea Breeze Life gave to me

Eleven Pipers Piping

One theory is that the pipers represent the eleven faithful Apostles. So let’s talk about faith for a minute.

Faith isn’t just something people hold onto in tough times; faith is an important part of all people. Life is precious but can be incredibly difficult at times - faith is what helps us through, lighting the pathway in times of darkness, giving us strength in times of weakness.

Faith helps you believe in goodness and the good things in this life including purpose, resilience, love, abundance and thriving rather than just surviving.

When you say, ‘I believe in …’ – that’s faith. What do you believe in?

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, Sea Breeze Life gave to me

Twelve Drummers Drumming

For the grand finale we take a break from our humdrum life!

Rest, relax, explore, adventure. Do something you don’t usually have the time to do but would really enjoy. Paint, sew, learn a language, practice some selfcare. Whatever you do, make sure it is time out just for you, doing something you really want including nothing at all.

You are worth it. You deserve it. And you will come back fresher and stronger for having had a bit of a break.


Christmas is a time to be grateful for all we have, for all we are and all we can be!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and stay safe!

Lisa Jane

I believe in a holistic approach to health and fitness and making small, incremental changes to improve your lifestyle. It isn’t about how you stack up against everyone else, it's about how you feel about yourself! It’s more than your exercise or your food, it is your attitude and your well-being!

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