Lisa Jan​e Hawthorne

My place in paradise!

I live in Scarborough, Queensland only 500m from the beach!

The Moreton Bay Cycleway runs along the beachfront, providing a perfect backdrop for running and cycling and the beachfront itself is great for a whole range of outdoor activities! Don't forget the social catch ups at the coffee shops either!

My grandkids are not that far away either, so a trip to the beach for them is a regular occurrence. We get plenty of family get togethers!

This area of beach is also the perfect backdrop for mindfulness or meditation as it is not overly populated. I can power charge my day by watching the sun rise over the ocean and getting a kick start of energy from the sun and the rhythmic crash of the waves.

It would be really easy to say 'I'm lucky to live here', but it isn't luck! I've designed my life this way! I've chosen where I live. I've chosen to work for myself so that I have time to go to the beach, to work out and to spend time with my hubby, Kev. I've chosen the path that I want my life to go down from here on in and I am working at making that happen.

It isn't all roses!

Don't get me wrong, I love my life, but it sure as hell isn't an Instagram picture perfect life either! I still have weeks when I don't end up doing the workouts that I had planned. I still have times when I eat some not so healthy food. I still have heated words with Kev. I still have days when I feel like crap! That's life!

The difference between now and a few years ago is that I am a lot more mindful of getting out of a crappy mood, pulling myself up from heated words turning into a full-blown argument and more importantly, not beating myself up over a missed workout or eating that really yummy piece of cake!

What this means for you!

My purpose for putting together this website is so that you too can take steps to extract hidden ME time and ignite your ENERGY! There are plenty of tips for you to take away! You too can increase your fitness, eat healthier, find your work/life balance and improve your emotional well-being to live the lifestyle you want!

If you feel that you need some extra help or personal guidance, please feel free to reach out and we can develop a program that is tailored to your lifestyle!

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