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Be competitive to lose weight!

Competition is a motivational tool that’s been used for centuries. People compete in games, among their peers and with themselves. The need to compete isn’t something new.

The desire to join some type of competition stems from the natural desire to win or achieve something. It also comes from the need to push beyond previous limits to improve life or physical performance.

And the competitive spirit urges people to try harder. That’s why a weight loss tool that’s built around a competitive foundation is one that’s popular and in high demand. Check out all the apps that can help with this!

These apps can be turned into a specific game of weight loss that taps into that in-born desire to win. Even if you’re someone who’s struggled to lose weight in the past because your desire or motivation dwindled, this could help you.

They work by having you engage with another person who has the same app and you are in a competition to see who the winner will be. It’s this competition that can help drive your determination and keep you from giving up!

It’s a similar concept with my monthly challenges! You get on board, participate and post your results on Facebook!

It’s not about how well you do at the exercise! It’s all about how well you stick to the program!


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