Sea Breezers

The 'Sea Breezers' grew out of my need to do some fun, social activities that still had an element of fitness to them! Our first Sea Breezers' event was the Jetty 2 Jetty (annual fun run in Redcliffe) in 2015. 

Of course, I love running so it would have been easy to make it a running group! BUT... I also really love variety, so that was not going to cut it! Also, while I have converted a few non-runners to running during my time as a personal trainer, it is only because they have shown an interest and not because I have pushed them! I certainly have a number participants that just don't like running! Also, my view on fitness has changed a lot since my 'Army' days and I really love incorporating a 'fun' aspect into getting fit! The core value of 'Sea Breezers' is to have fun while getting fit! 

We have had a lot of fun participating in events such as: stand-up paddle-boarding, hiking/mountain treks and ten pin bowling! We did have a line up of events such as tree-top challenge and lawn bowls, but sadly, due to COVID-19, these were put on hold!

So now I want to offer a membership that allows you to attend a number of virtual events where you can still be social, engage in some fun, fitness activities and generally refresh your head space from being isolated! In addition, there is also the opportunity to get involved in the lifestyle change aspect of my business! A Sea Breezer Membership also gives you great discounts on any courses, workshops or other events that I am running! 

There will be some face-to-face events happening and, after the move to being an online platform, these will not be limited to one location! So this is really great news for me in seeing the expansion of the Sea Breezers Group! Already, we already have members from Queensland , ACT , NSW, and Tasmania! Location is NOT a reason to avoid getting involved!

I'm really looking forward to seeing more people come together from different parts of the country, if not world, and participating in social events as a group than I ever imagined possible! Help me grow the 'online social fitness' phenomenon! Let's get this community growing! Join Now! 

Sea Breezers – monthly

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Sea Breezers – Annual

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