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To achieve a healthy lifestyle, I believe there are five key areas we need to look at to ensure that we are taking the best care of our 'self'! These are our mind & emotions, fitness (including physical well-being), nutrition, life's work and fun & recreation! Ensuring we include elements of each of these will give us a balance in our life!

If you are feeling out of balance because you've been heavily focused on your business outputs and find that you don't seem to have any spare time to take care of you, then I can help! I can help you extract your hidden 'me' time and ignite your energy!

To facilitate this, I offer a number of short courses, workshops, Personal Training, Lifestyle Accountability Coaching and a number of membership options so that you can work on the areas that are important to you! 


Accountability for changing your lifestyle!

Sea Breezers

The 'Sea Breezers' are a team of individuals coming together for social fitness activities as well as some serious fitness challenges! Everyone works on their own goals but has the benefit of a team behind them! The main focus is to have FUN!


Help for what you need!

Personal Training

By engaging me as your personal trainer, you do two things:

  • Firstly, you give yourself peace of mind that the journey you are about to embark on is one that is tailored for you specifically, not a generic download from the net! 
  • Secondly, you make a commitment to yourself to be accountable - you book your sessions, so now you have that accountability to attend them!

The encouragement and motivation that I provide to enable you to achieve much greater results than you can achieve alone is not limited to the time you spend in you sessions!


Check out the range of workshops, courses and recipes available to help you get into some fantastic healthy eating habits!

Mind & Emotions

Check out the range of workshops and courses aimed at keeping you centred and stress-free! This is where you really start taking back your 'me' time!