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11am Mon, 18 Oct 2021

Tamsin Young

Money Coach

Lisa has wonderful ideas on HOW you can find the time in your day for YOU, and how to stop spending time on things that don't support you!

Lisa Jane Hawthorne

Lifestyle Accountability Coach

About the Plot your course to your ideal lifestyle webinar!

Are you so busy getting through today that you don’t have time to plan for your future?

Are you postponing the fun part of life because you are busy now?

Do you have a business or a ‘busy-ness’?

Most of us are frustrated at never having enough time to do everything we HAVE to do, let alone what we WANT to do.

That ‘busy-ness’ is actually getting in the way of you leading the lifestyle you want to lead.

Before you can set sail towards your dream lifestyle, you have to know where you are starting from.

Join Lifestyle Accountability Coach, Lisa Jane Hawthorne, in an introduction to plotting your course to your ideal lifestyle.

Assess your current lifestyle

Work out exactly where you are now to plot the most effective course to get you to where you want to be!

Determine your goals

Get clarity on your goals so that the direction you want to head is crystal clear!

Develop habits that create time!

Improve your lifestyle NOW! Don't wait until a 'perfect' set of conditions have been met!

About Lisa Jane Hawthorne

Lisa Jane is a Lifestyle Accountability Coach who helps people in business extract their hidden ‘me’ time to help achieve their ideal lifestyle. She promotes good health, successful business and having fun in life!

Starting early in life as a natural teacher/trainer/coach, at age 9, she was instructing both adults and kids classes in karate and started her own class at thirteen.

University then provided two important experiences – Lisa Jane joined the Army Reserve and the Uni Dive Club. She completed training as a Scuba Instructor, started a part-time business and undertook full-time service in the Army. When that career came to a close, she had numerous roles as a Trainer and Assessor with civilian training organisations.

With near burnout in this field, a lifestyle change was in order! Lisa Jane became a Personal Trainer and a Nutritional and Health Coach which led to holistic Lifestyle Accountability Coaching.

She now lives in Bundaberg and in addition to coaching lifestyle clients, Lisa Jane enjoys moonlighting as a guide for snorkelers and scuba divers on the Lady Musgrave Experience boats and spending time in nature at Baffle Creek. Lisa Jane has navigated her way to creating her ideal lifestyle and is here to help guide you to create your ideal lifestyle!

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