Sailing into the sunset

‘Sailing off into the sunset’ has such a pleasant, romantic ring to it and brings to mind the closing scene of a feel good, romance movie. Who doesn’t dream of experiencing that romance of ‘life is great and I’m about to cruise off into more pure bliss’?

The trouble is, when we take away some of the romance, what does ‘sailing off into the sunset’ really mean? For starters, you’ll be heading west! Is west where you planned to go? Secondly, you’re heading into the sunset, so that means that you really can’t see what is directly ahead of you as the sun is in your eyes! Thirdly, when the sun goes down, what are you actually moving towards? Are you still heading west? Are there other landmarks you are trying to navigate to?

Sometimes we need to make sure that the course we are on is one that we have plotted ourselves and not one that we have ‘borrowed’ from someone else because it looks great from where we are currently. Be brave enough to chart your own course and if your navigation is a little off it just means that you will get to explore some unexpected waters along the way! In the end, it is the journey that matters!