August 30, 2020

Social Fitness – The secret sauce to putting the fun in fitness!

By Lisa Jane

We all know exercise is good for us, but as mentioned in Sally's recent blog article, our brain can get in our way. Our brain would much rather be doing fun stuff - so let’s make exercise fun.

How do we do that? Easy! Social fitness!

 Social fitness is a great way to maintain a strong social network and a physically active lifestyle. By merging your social life with your fitness program, you’ll get some exercise while hanging out with your favourite people and making new friends.

Social Fitness Ideas

Here are some great social fitness ideas!

Group hiking

Go for a hike

Gather your family and friends for a day of fun and fitness at one of the many National Parks. Reaching the top of a mountain gives a huge sense of achievement; waterfalls provide a refreshing break and many trails include spectacular views and wildlife.  Pack a lunch, plenty of water, and your camera.

Dancing in a group

Dance, Dance, Dance

Even if you haven’t danced since High School, it’s never too late to learn. Learning how to waltz, rhumba, disco or line dance is fun, energizing, and a great way to sneak in some exercise. Some communities hold regular old-time dances and plenty of dance studios have adult classes. Move to the music and feel that big smile on your face. Cardio never felt so good!

Cycling in the sunset

Get on your bike 

With so many purpose-built bike paths along rivers, past beaches and through parks, cycling can be a lot more appealing and safer than when sharing the road with traffic. Gather a few friends to encourage and motivate each other, slop on sunscreen, fill the water bottles, put on your helmet and enjoy exercise in the great outdoors. How fast and how far you go is up to you but ideally you get a workout while enjoying the sights.

Ten pin bowling

Be bowled over

Whether it’s Barefoot Bowls at the local Club or rolling heavy balls at innocent skittles in an alley, bowling is a ton of fun. It’s also more physical than you realise as your brain is too busy working out lines, angles, speed and force to worry about the effort your body is expending. A little competitiveness makes the games extra sporty but everybody is a winner in this social fitness activity.

Team Sports

Team sports

Recreational leagues are available for people of all ages and abilities. You’ll get together for practices and games and maybe even travel to compete.  Search online for softball, baseball, soccer, volleyball, or tennis social clubs. Team sports improve how regularly you exercise – no one wants to let the team down.

Walking group

Join or start a walking group  

Let the conversation flow as you rack up the steps and move toward better health. Walk the streets, along the beach or at a park. Take turns mapping out and leading the walk so you all enjoy a variety of routes. If time allows, enjoy a coffee or breakfast together after your walk.

Small group personal training

Small-group personal training

Working with a qualified personal trainer is an effective way to reach new levels of health and fitness. Small-group training sessions are more fun and lower cost than one-on-one sessions.

Golf at sunrise

Par for the course

What better way to get some fresh air and low-impact exercise than to whack a ball around a beautiful course? Most clubs hire out golf gear to those without their own and it’s always a relief to get back to the nineteenth hole (club house). Many friendships are forged on the greens and fairways. No using a golf buggy though!

Water sports for fun

Jump in the deep end

Water provides buoyancy and support so that people of all ages and levels of fitness can find a water activity to enjoy. Swim, dive, snorkel, stand up paddleboard, surf, take a water aerobics class – these are all fun to do with family and friends.

Have an open mind and an adventurous spirit and you’ll never run out of ideas for fun and fitness.

There’s nothing like a shared experience or facing a fun challenge together to bring friends closer.  Your social fitness buddies will keep you on track for both physical and mental wellbeing.

Merging your social life and an active lifestyle creates a beautiful synergy that improves both!

Want to improve your social fitness? Check out the Sea Breezers Membership to join our social fitness group!

Lisa Jane

I believe in a holistic approach to health and fitness and making small, incremental changes to improve your lifestyle. It isn’t about how you stack up against everyone else, it's about how you feel about yourself! It’s more than your exercise or your food, it is your attitude and your well-being!

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