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August 3, 2021

Spring into your Summer Lifestyle Now!

By Lisa Jane

Spring is such a beautiful time of year – warm days, cool nights, flowers blooming, birds chirping – quite romantic really. It’s the season of love but it’s also the season before summer!

Does your summer arrive cool and confident in her swimsuit, enjoying fresh healthy meals and making time to look after herself? Or does your summer hide out at home, eat junk food and spend all her time looking after everyone else?

Ahh… summer. Love it, hate it or both, it’s coming! The question is, what would help YOU to have a wonderful summer this year? 

What can you start doing NOW to make this summer great?

Here are some suggestions –

1. Plan a holiday.

It doesn’t have to be a long or extravagant holiday – it might even be a Staycation. Mark your calendar now for a few days of relaxing and time to enjoy the fabulous weather.  Pick a new place to explore or stay with a family favourite – the important thing is that you take time out to recharge.

Woman enjoying time by the pool

We all need something to look forward to and work toward.  A holiday is both incentive and reward.

2. Move your body!

Time to start exercising and getting back into shape. Summer is the season to be fit and active. Start right now or increase frequency and tempo of your existing routine. Are there physical skills you would like to improve for this summer?

Now is the time to think of any water sports you might like to try either as a one-off experience or regular thing. Stand up paddleboarding, kayaking, dragonboat racing, snorkelling or surfing anyone?

Consider adding swimming to your weekly exercise regime. As well as being a low-impact form of exercise with very low risk of injury, swimming is a great way to tone up all over. Think about the other benefits too – you will be stronger and more capable in the surf, boating or enjoying any water sports, and better able to watch out for others.

For those who don’t feel confident in the water, book a lesson or two with a swimming coach. Learning the right technique for swimming will improve your ability (and confidence) really quickly.

3. Clean out your closet

Grab all your winter clothes and put them away. Those Spacebags are great for this – or the suitcases we aren’t using because we aren’t travelling as much anymore.

Donate (if in good order), recycle or repurpose any clothing you haven’t worn in the last 12 months. The exception to this rule is a couple of ‘incentive pieces’ – that special dress or pair of jeans that don’t fit now but you have a realistic goal to get back into them.

Also think about upcycling old favourites – hems can be taken up or added to, jeans turned into funky shoulder bags and more. There are some really cool projects on the internet for upcycling items of clothing – be inspired to get creative.

4. Clean up the Barbecue

Keep the kitchen cool by using the barbecue! It’s the best way to have the family involved in cooking meals too. Get your grill cleaned up and ready for the delicious healthy food you will be serving.

healthy bbq meal

5. Book a haircut.

Think about a new fresh style for summer or at least get a good trim. Having your hair cut by a good hairdresser is a great confidence booster. Think about asking for a ‘wash and wear’ style rather than one that takes a lot of product and effort to achieve. Summer is too wonderful to be spent with a hairdryer or straightener in your hand.

6. Plan and prepare your garden.

Don’t wait until it is too hot to plant your garden. Plan right now which veggies and flowers you want and where you will plant them. Think of what vegetables you would like to eat in your delicious summer salads. Few things are more satisfying than eating fresh produce from your own backyard.

7. Compile a list of healthy and delicious recipes.

Winter can create bad eating habits as we often crave heavier food that is both higher in carbs and lower in nutrition than is ideal. Time to cut back on the comfort foods and discover some recipes that are healthy, nutritious and delicious.

Healthier versions of family favourites are a great option. Also look at finding better options for snacks as per Ditch the Junk Food.

8. Make a list of books to read.

Reading for time-out

Spend time reading outside with a great book this summer. Make a summer reading list for both you and the kids. The library is a great free resource and has audible books as well as print versions. Whether it’s pure escapism, inspirational or educational reading is up to you.

9. Enjoy the outdoors. 

Mark your calendar for Family events, BBQs, and friendly get-togethers. Summer is the perfect season to get together with family and friends. Coordinate dates now with your loved ones to enjoy time, food and activities in the great outdoors.

Make a list of the parks, beaches and recreation areas that encourage everyone to participate in fun activities such as beach cricket, bouche (like bowls), frisbee. 

It can be tough trying to do these things alone. Self-discipline isn’t easy!  Joining an Accountability Group will help you turn your dreams of summer into achievable goals and then reality.

What will you do to get ready for summer?

Lisa Jane

I believe in a holistic approach to health and fitness and making small, incremental changes to improve your lifestyle. It isn’t about how you stack up against everyone else, it's about how you feel about yourself! It’s more than your exercise or your food, it is your attitude and your well-being!

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