Fit for Living!

You don't need to run a marathon or pump iron at the gym every day to improve your fitness levels!

Start simple with something you enjoy!

What is Fitness?

When I think of fitness, I don't just think about slogging it out in the gym or running for miles (although being a fan of running, this does have an appeal for me!). Fitness is more than just the shape our bodies are in to perform exercise! It is a case of the shape our bodies are in to deal with life! Therefore, fitness encompasses being free from physical ailments or being healthy as well as the condition of being physically fit! 

Do something today your future self will thank you for.

The key to having a healthy, enjoyable lifestyle is maintaining a balance in all areas of life! It is an ongoing process of making small changes over time for an overall improvement. 

Make it a lifestyle, not a duty.

If you want to explore ways that you can improve your fitness levels that include activities you enjoy and fit with your lifestyle, then let's chat!

Featured Workout

Wake up - Warm up

This is a simple workout that you can do first thing in the morning to get you going! It is less than 5 mins, so you can repeat a couple of times if you need a longer workout! 

You may even want to use this one during the day as a quick workout if your day has involved a lot of sitting. 

Fitness Articles

Three Easy Steps to Finding Time to Walk
You know the benefits, but just can't find the time to include walking in your daily routine? Here are some tips to get you going!
Incidental Exercise – the Clayton’s of the Exercise World
Just as Clayton’s is ‘the drink you have when you’re not having a drink’, incidental exercise is the exercise you get while not specifically exercising.
Social Fitness – The secret sauce to putting the fun in fitness!
Social fitness is a great way to maintain a strong social network and a physically active lifestyle.
When our body just says ‘NO’!
You’ve jumped on board a fitness challenge and you’re pumped, ready to smash it! You know other people that are participating and you’re keen to show them what you’ve got! You get part-way through the challenge and your body grabs you by the font of the shirt, looks you in the eye and says, ‘NO! I’m not playing anymore!’. What do you do?

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