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Hi! I'm Lisa Jane Hawthorne and I provide a supportive environment to facilitate female entrepreneurs to make incremental life changes to achieve a sustainable, healthy lifestyle that supports their successful business!

Lisa Jane Hawthorne
A balanced lifestyle!

Sea Breeze Life Program

Making incremental life changes to achieve a sustainable, healthy lifestyle!

The Pillars of Health!

What actually constitutes a healthy lifestyle? This is actually going to be different for different people, but we do what to aim for a balance between work and play, a healthy body and a healthy mind!

To achieve this, I believe there are five key areas we need to look at to ensure that we are taking the best care of our 'self'! These are our mind and emotions, fitness (including physical well-being), nutrition, life's work and fun and recreation! Ensuring we include elements of each of these will give us a balance in our life. 

Mind and Emotions

Your emotional well-being is one of the foundations of a sustainable healthy lifestyle. This area encompasses dealing with stress, being in touch with your spirituality (whatever that means for you) and have the mindset to achieve the goals you are working towards.


This area encompasses being free from physical ailments by regular checkups and maintaining a healthy fitness level. 

You don't need to run a marathon or pump iron at the gym everyday to improve your fitness levels! Start simple with something you enjoy! Just moving more will greatly increase you physical well-being!


What you fuel your body with will greatly impact how it performs! Fuel it to get the most out of life!

With so much processed food available, we really need to think about what we actually eat and really look at what it is our bodies need to produce energy, stimulate growth and maintain life.

Life's Work

We're not just talking about your job/career! This is about your purpose in life! What are you here for?

This area focuses on setting personal and career goals and ensuring you maintain a healthy work/life balance.

Fun and Recreation

What is life without some fun? In this day and age, it is too easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of work and forget to make time for some fun.

This area covers taking time to engage socially. Spending time with friends and family and ensuring you take time out to pursue your hobbies and interests! 

A word from my clients:


Well I have been attending bootcamp with Lisa for about a year and a half and been having PT sessions with her for about 10 months roughly. Lisa is an amazing Pt I have known her for so long now that she has become such a big part of my life. A personal trainer, motivator, a friend and a life coach. She has kept me focused on what I want in my lifestyle and even given me the motivation to start jogging. A year ago I would have never thought I could accomplish jogging more then 1km. Now the longest distance I have covered is 6km. She has connected me with an amazing support group from people within our bootcamp and is an amazing person. I highly recommend her services that she provides.

Tiffany Firrell

I have been working with Lisa for nearly six months now and my fitness levels have improved exponentially without pushing and hustle. Lisa works through kindness. I know not what you would ordinarily expect from a Personal Trainer. She listens to me and adapts the exercise regime to suit and this is why I have done so well.

Lisa also offers versatility in the sort of exercise program she creates. We do a lot of free weights and functional exercise which I find much more stimulating and challenging without the external pressure. When I ask to try something I see o do and then bail out, there is no judgement, jus acceptance that it is not for now.

I wholeheartedly recommend Lisa as a PT and lifestyle coach. Thank you, Lisa

Karen Purves

I had a great informative session with Lisa, we discussed my personal evaluation form and the ups and downs of my results. Lisa was very patient, calm, inspiring and full of great tips!! I would recommend her services. Thank you Lisa for your words of wisdom

Kate Reynolds - Relocation Coach

Lisa is a great personal trainer with loads of training and life experiences. I have been with Lisa for over a year and she has improved my balance, coordination, strength and endurance. Her training sessions make you want to keep coming back and everything is done to suit your ability taking into account your own limitations.
I have no hesitation in recommending Lisa as a personal trainer.

Frances Onions

We are both really happy with the progress in our general fitness, health, and energy levels. Lisa has made a huge difference and we look forward to continuing that. Lisa really mixes up the workouts and does not just come along with the same old same old each session.

Donnamarie Flockhart

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